About Us

SpotRx is your next-gen pharmacy, delivering an innovative and oh-so-satisfying experience to those who want convenience and value.

From talking to a doctor or on-screen pharmacist, to filling a prescription or getting a great deal on over-the-counter products, SpotRx makes it easy.

Get prescribed or fill prescriptions with our mobile app. Shop the pharmacy for deep discounts on your favorite drugstore products. Have it all delivered or pick up your order at a convenient kiosk. We are dedicated to being a differentiator, so you can be more productive – and this is just the beginning.

Your pharmacy, the way you want it. Every. Single. Time.

Coming Soon, January 2019

SpotRx is opening a Health Pharm on Arizona State University campus! With our most advanced kiosk yet, you can fill your prescriptions faster than ever, 24/7. On-screen doctors and 15-minute lab services will provide testing for common conditions and get you prescriptions on the spot, no appointment necessary.

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